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Bastard North, Silverlight Shadows, O.D. Tommydogs, Zuesifer

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PUNK ROCK PIZZA PARTY FOR ALL YOU SUCKERRRRRRSSSS!!! Sick line up, Zuesifer's 3rd show and free as the parking in most of the Barkly Square carpark.

Are you looking for a bunch of dirtbags from the Northern Suburbs who’ll drink your very last beer and do it with a smile? Do you like Grindhouse, Dukes of Deliciousness, The Meanies, Cosmic Psychos and Seedy Jesus?

Does your vinyl collection consist of Classic Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll, Rock and Punk? Do you reckon all the kids are doing it wrong & think that t-shirts should be black, shoes should be Connies, beards are tops, double denim & a comb-over is a legitimate fashion choice, no bar is better than The Tote and you still believe the man needs sticking it to?

Then grab a beer, strap yourselves in and stand un-steadily ready at the ramparts!! Bastard North are here!

Influenced by classic early 90s rock bands including Tumbleweed, Magic Dirt and Spiderbait along with Nirvana and Motorhead, Melbourne three-piece SILVERLIGHT SHADOWS deliver a unique sound that is part punk, part thrash, part grunge and 100 percent rock’n’roll.

Drunk, talentless tunes by drunk, talentless dudes. Rock'n'roll, man!!! If ya can't learn to do it well, you should learn to enjoy doing it badly. Str8 outta Bacchus Marsh with punk sounds and lots of handsome.

Ex members of Superguns and 180 Proof play riffs, punk and weird shit louder than an ambulance and tastier than a pizza. Influenced by The Shrine, Lecherous Gaze, Melvins and Motorhead; this band will is the greatest thing your Mum will hate this year.

Earlier Event: February 4
Plum Green w/ Limnal & Zach Rembrandt
Later Event: February 10
Tinsley Waterhouse Band 3x sets