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Fckups, Murderballs, 3/4 Beast, Cyclone Diablo


This is gonna be one powerful and hecticly fun night. Don't miss it!
Headlining we have The Fckups! They bring off the charts energy and amazing musical chaos to the stage! Super fast 80's charged hardcore punk!

Following is The Murderballs. They're bringing speedy funk punk with a touch of stupid! Combining funky grooves and punk rock guitar, played at break neck speeds, it's a surprise that they've kept it together for 8 long years!

Then we have Three Quarter Beast. 3/4 Beast are the animalistic, paganistic & tribalistic kings of Melbourne's ever-evolving alternative scene.

Starting the night off with the best possible foundation of a night you could ask for, is Cyclone Diablo! A psycho jazz metal doom punk rock mongrel. It devours all and digests, deconstructs, devastates & regurgitates pure violation for your captive witness.

All this energy and insanity and it's all FREE! Get down, say hey, jump around, have some drinks and support your local scene. Not one to miss. DO IT NOW!