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Folk-rying out loud!

What's that? You're sick of following society’s unrealistic standards of only having a wild time on a Friday or Saturday and want to get down on a Thursday? You're in for a treat.

ALSO on a Thursday from 8PM the Brunny does:
$3 Schooners of Boag's Draught and $5 Basic Spirits

With a soulful original sound and poignant guitar based compositions Eaglemont will be sure to make the perfect headliner for a night of local music. Fresh from releasing her debut album, check out "All I think about is Everything" on Bandcamp.

Being huge fans of the Brunny, Colouring Cats have taken time from their year of recoding to try out a new member and hopefully show off some new tracks, check out a recent recording of them at the Brunswick hotel on their Facebook page.

Moonlight Broadcast are a slick up and coming four piece featuring mellow tones and captivating lyrics, they will be perfect to have some cheeky mid-week drinks to. Check out their self-titled demo released last year, via their Facebook page. They will be recording and releasing their debut EP this year.

It's always the best musicians that take up the warm up spot and this is no exception. Walter are keeping it under wraps who will feature but it's sure to feature an abundance of talent and hopefully some impressions. Check out Michael's unearthed to hear some of his catchy guitar and heartfelt lyrics.

10 PM Eaglemont:
9 PM Colouring Cats:
8 PM Moonlight Broadcast:
7PM Michael Walter: