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I am Duckeye at The Brunny Blue Lightning Single Launch

I am Duckeye are set to launch their latest single "BLUE LIGHTNING" @ The Brunny!!! Joining us on the evening are Three Quarter Beast, The Braves and The Interceptors! 

Before I run out of space where it says "continue reading", how good is salted caramel! Man, when I was a kid we just had caramel. Who would've thought to add more salt? The only way we would have is if we dropped it in the sand on the beach. You'd still eat it, but the grit was a bit off putting for these new age hipster types.

Oh, what's BLUE LIGHTNING you ask? When I was a kid,I remember reading an article in the local Sunshine Coast Daily about a bowls club getting in trouble for serving Metho and Lemonade. Again, something must be a little off putting for these new age hipster types.

Stay tuned for the video clip and new merch and strange beverages.