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Mik Destar 40 Year Birthfest feat Kacey's Birthfest

That's right kids, Mikolas Destar Defister is turing the ancient age of 40! He's done a lot in his 40 years, played in millions of bands in Brisbane and Melbourne, managed bands, booked countless international tours, founded Punk-A-Billy Festivals/Touring, Valenteen Records and of course the ever growing Nevermind the Warp'd Tour Festival - and all that just scrapes the surface.

In honour of this amazing musician, booker, promoter and all round swell guy, we've booked in a couple of his favourite bands and favourite people to play a little show to help him celebrate his life so far and all that is yet to come. Confirmed so far, with more to be announced we have:

Topnovil (NSW)
Flangipanis (QLD)
Skinpin (NSW)
T.R.S (WA)
Colytons (NSW)
The Sellouts (NSW)
No Idea
I Am Duckeye
Strawberry Fist Cake
Punch The Clown
Australian Kingswood Factory
Wot Rot
The Half Pints
Dixon Cider
Joe Guiton & The Suicide Tuesdays
Liquor Snatch
Shadow League
Krunchy Om-Let Experience
Matty G and his magic Anvil Feat MC Reynolds and his duck caller

and MC Mo Mann on the outside stage

The day will also be celebrating his (much younger) lovely wifes birthfest as well and their 8 year wedding anniversary. (Yes birthdays are same day and they got married at a Vegas drive through on their birthday).

Hope to see you all there for an awesome day of celebrations xx

**Now in stereo**