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Little Miss Remembering's last hurrah

It is with a heavy heart, a sad mind and an empty stomach that I must announce that Little Miss Remembering will be playing their last show. We've had some good times; we've danced, we've sung, we've dressed up as Spiderman, we've helped a cabbie with a flat tyre, we've given out signed pictures of our own nipples, and we’ve starred in the acclaimed cartoon series detailing our exploits in Uzbekistan which, as we all know, helped to jumpstart its waning agriculture. Suffice it to say, this truly is Sad-Face-Emoji.

But as heartbroken as we are, Friday 24 March will be bittersweet, which is the most delicious chocolate. We're going out in style. More style that usual. Our overdressed selves will be joined by our favourite guys to jam with over the last few years. There'll be songs, there'll be tears, there'll be PRIZES of questionable worth!

We're going to dial this mother-flipper up to 16 or 17, depending on the advice of a number of mother-flipping dial experts. We've been forced to hire a number of architects to make sure that we don't in fact blow the roof off of this joint, but due to the age of the building itself, as well as the FRENZY that is sure to follow the aforementioned dialling up, even THEY can't guarantee it!

So let’s all get up, get down and get funky. Let’s turn that Sad-Face-Emoji into a Smiley-Emoji, an Anatomically-Incorrect-Hearts-For-Eyes-Emoji, a Lady-In-A-Red-Dress-Dancing_ Emoji and, if at all possible, a Penguin-Emoji because we have never played to a penguin and I would quite like to meet one. So if anyone has any contacts at a zoo or some sort of penguin sanctuary, please attempt to facilitate this.

We'll be GIVING things away ALL NIGHT, so to statistically improve your chances of walking away with a priceless piece of memorabilia, or possibly something that Alister finds in his garage at 6pm on the night of the gig, arrive early, whoop at the bands, and consider purchasing a large hat or something equally eye catching!

Brendan Forward - 9:00

Lace and Whiskey - 10:00

Offspring of Convicts - 11:00

Little Miss Remembering - 12:00

The last time anyone even DREAMED of packing this much entertainment into a single night, the event organiser Viktor Gugenheim was called a MADMAN and people threw parsnips at him, BUT WE DON"T CARE. WE"RE GOING FULL GUGENHEIM UP IN HERE!

Friday March 24 and entry is FREE!!! BE THERE OR IT WILL HURT OUR FEELINGS!