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Turn South, Clove, Mojo Pin, Minetta

This one is going to be a Thursday night Brunny classic!

First up on the bill, the blood, sweat and tears from down in the deep south (east), Minetta! Having just released their first EP to a raucous reception in Frankganastan, they're ready to bring their melodic hardcore stylings to Sydney Road.

Next, mainstays of the Brunswick hotel, Mojo Pin! You’ll be banging your head and doin a boogie in no time with these lads on stage. Make sure you tip local bartender/drummer/absolute legend Dave after he serves you up some fresh rock and roll.

Third on the bill, dealing in feelings, hailing from the vales, that's all the rhymes I have. It's Clove. [pause for applause]
Hey look I'm not out of rhymes after all. Anyway what was I saying? Oh yeah. Come see them it'll be grouse

Turning the Brunny up to 11 at 11, ensure you stick around for Turn South! If your head and neck aren’t broken from head banging, you’re not doing it right. These lads have some great new tunes up their sleeves and their live show is tight and wild.

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