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Grudgefest is an annual DIY music festival showcasing the more violent and unrestrained side of Australian music spanning underground sounds of Hardcore / Punk, Grindcore and Death Metal. Curated by Melbourne-based grind vocalist and noise artist Frank Grudge, this year's event will be held at the Brunswick Hotel on Saturday March 11 and will bring together 13 bands from across 4 states.

Never bound by trends or images, Grudgefest 2017 promises to deliver a diverse range of underground artists that will spell out exactly what extreme Australian music is all about. Notable appearances will include South Australian cricket infused punk rockers Shame Worn; ex Tassie grinders Uncle Geezer; Perth's own spacey-death/grind purveyors Facegrinder (featuring new frontman Ben - ex Wounded Pig);  Sydney's own world conquering fastcore bandits Disparo; international grind duo Dead Root; mathcore juggernaut Drive Time Commute; Gotasound Record's newest signing Headless; and longtime crowd favourite, scrap metal merchants Black Jesus.

But that is just the tip of this caustic iceberg with solid support coming from upcoming toiletologists Janitorr; Ballarat's own gold standard nihilists Good Time Aussie Boglars; abrasive chaos merchants Disasters; Frankston's ashtray abomination The Seaford Monster; and Frank's own grinding hardcore punk posse Grudge!

This is an extraordinary line up made only more exceptional considering the door price. FREE. That's right, Grudgefest 2017 is free entry. So if you are a fan of Australian underground music that's unmolested by the ordinary and the pretentious, then head on down to the Brunswick Hotel on Saturday March 11 from 3pm and see some of the most blasting chaotic bands Australia has to offer. Be there!