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SHOW ME WHAT U GOT SHOW - R'n'R DeathHop Punk Psychobilly Fest


How's this for an eclectic line you'll be sure you won't wanna miss, featuring:
Wing Attack Plan Я - Drummer GG's farewell to Oz gig and last WAPR show for a while.
Ezekiel Ox - Solo loop performance
I am Duckeye
The Murderballs

About the artists:

Wing Attack Plan Я are fiercely socially and politically aware, musically ranging from infectious harmonies to white hot frantic noise. A band that nevertheless deposits smiles on faces and will make you spill your precious bodily fluids.

Ezekiel Ox is one of Australia’s most prolific and outspoken career multidisciplinary artists. His exploits are legendary, whispered about and highly-anticipated in the Australian music scene – He is the former frontman of Full Scale, Mammal and The Nerve. He currently fronts Death-Hop crew Over-Reactor. His performances are a mix of loops and beatboxing, riffs, beats, spoken word, freestyle, a capella, dance and cabaret. He recently begun working with indie scratch DJ Marze. Highly skilled and nuanced, Ox is anything but predictable and that has seen him thrive on festival and pub stages around the world since 1998 motherfucker.

I am Duckeye: A furious DIY train wreck of a band that incorporates punk rock, metal and comedy with questionable results.

The Murderballs are Melbourne's 16th favourite funky punk band! Lenny beats the drums like they owe him money, Kenny slaps the bass like it owes him money and Jenny... Jenny owes everyone money! Combining funky grooves and punk rock guitar played at break neck speeds its a surprise that they've kept it together for 8 long years! If beer fueled songs about chicken, robots and motherly love are your kind of thing then The Murderballs are for you!

12FU sound kinda like The Heartbreakers..kinda..

Earlier Event: February 4
The Wild Yabbies 3x sets!