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Afro Occidental and The Culture Keepers


Afro Occidental will play at the Brunswick Hotel on Sunday the 26th of November. Supporting will be the Culture Keepers, excellent musicians who play traditional music from West Africa. 

You all are welcome to this event, it will be a good night!

The sweet music and melodic tunes tell the stories of the rich cultures and the diversity of the people from West Africa.

The songs speak of unity, love, respect, values, progress, peace & acceptance of all people. 

The band plays and speaks from the heart of the Bantaba – the jujuwoto – the cultural singing place. 
The music encourages people to go back to their roots – their WULABA.

The Band members play to your heart and remind you to shine your light. The songs are sung in Mandinka, Jola, Wolof, Creole, English, and French.The band consists of artists from Australia & Victoria. 
The band members wear bright & colorful costumes and the performances are visually exciting, moving combined with sweet music and exhilarating rhythms. 

A night out to see Afro Occidental and The Culture Keepers is a night to enjoy.

See you all at there, thank you.