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Free Sextets! The Tortured Artists & Full Fat play the Brunny!


Have you ever watched a band and thought, If only they were bigger, fatter, and louder? Are you occasionally left feeling blank and withdrawn whilst staring at those unsightly empty spots on the stage? We have the antidote - Sextets. Two of them. At the Brunswick Hotel, Oct 8, 4-7pm. Loud, plentiful, and Free.

Masters of tropical deathfolk, The Tortured artists are a crack 6-piece combo of half-crazed multi-instrumentalists with 3.5 albums and a deeply disturbing bag of songs, wrenched lovingly from their dysfunctional hearts. They’re a little fruity, but very sinister.

Sprawling sextet Full Fat are a bold, swampy outfit from the Yarra Valley that will stimulate your aural palate like it's never been stimulated before. Mostly in a very good way.

4pm start: Full Fat
5.30pm start: The Tortured Artists

Earlier Event: October 7
Blues n Grooves Festival 2017