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Davies West, The Steph Macshetta Band, Neeko

Unwind on a Sunday with a favourite pastime of happy people: folk tunes and a few drinks. The Brunswick Hotel welcomes three emerging artists with a lot to share with you. The night begins with the ambient folk/pop of Neeko, a singer-songwriter that echoes the thoughts and feelings of metropolitan Melbourne.

Next up is Steph Maschetta Band, an interesting blend of jazz and folk with a pop sensibility that underlies their catchy melodies.

Closing out the night are a band intent on delivering a new sound and element to Melbourne’s music scene, five-piece folk band Davies West. They’re led by the delicate vocal combination of a father and daughter – come down and hear it for yourself.

It’s too cold right now, so look forward to next month. At the beginning of a September spring, the Brunswick Hotel brings you three acts with warm melodies that are sure to make you forget the trials of winter.