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Colytons (NSW), Australian Kingswood Factory, Admiral Ackbar's Dishonourable Discharge, Liquor Snatch, Wing Attack Plan R

It's been several years of silence for Sydney punk rockers Colytons. Forming in 2002, the band exploded into the worlds punk scene with the release of their self-tilted album and and saw the boys gaining international recognition by touring the USA with the legendary Queers, However, in 2008 the band came crashing down and many questions regarding any possible future for the band hung precariously over their head. The answer in the end was, Colytons are dead.

In 2014, to much elation from fans, founding front man Timmy Colyton dusted off his leather jacket and put the show back on the road with a brand new line-up and they haven't stopped touring since.

One of Australia's original pop-punk successors, Colytons return to Melbourne to launch their long awaited new EP "APPLES & YOU", this September.

Catch them at a free show at The Brunswick Hotel on Sept 24 with Australian Kingswood Factory, Admiral Ackbars Dishonorable Discharge, Liquor Snatch & Wing Attack Plan R