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Klara Zubonja, Selki, Greta Stanley

The Brunswick Hotel
4 - 7pm
+ Free Entry

4pm Greta Stanley (Solo)
5pm SELKI (Band)
6pm Klara Zubonja (Band)

Klara Zubonja is a progressive singer/songwriter who brings high levels of energy and charisma to the stage. Supported by her talented backing BAND, Klara's individualistic indie pop tunes are driven by spontaneous and energetic passion, conveying both sweetness and strength within the same breath. 

She is known for her extensive range of expressive colour. Her concise song structures play host to her vocal theatrics, her provocative lyrics and her minimalist keyboard vamps. Klara can be alikened with such artists as Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, and Kate Nash. She draws inspiration from her eclectic background in European folk music and combines this with her broad knowledge of various contemporary and independent musical traditions. Her first album is due to be released this year.

Watch Klara's latest film clip, the single track and title from her forthcoming debut album, Stuck Between: