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Slim Pickins, Great John Himself, Humus, The Smirks

September 1st is an important day in everyone's calendar, for many different reasons. Perhaps knowing it's the first day of spring makes it memorable or maybe the day has some other special significance to you.  Anyway, for whatever reason you enjoy September 1st, you are wrong. September 1st is the day Slim Pickins (your favourite Australiana slacker rock faux-bogan dolegaze jangle jam band) play the Brunny. 

Joining us are those guys Great John Himself, doing their ska-blues-boogie-garage thing, HUMUS bringing the jangle and The Smirks, kicking out the jams for their debut show. 

So do the right thing this September 1st. Get down to the Brunny, drink all the beers, make some new friends, reconnect with some old friends (wink wink) and help Slim Pickins and Great John Himself reignite their love/rivalry.