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Spare No Words, Dankenstein, Her Majesty's Hangover & Whoopie Cat

"Direct from Melbourne's vibrant underground punk and heavy rock scene comes several 'musicians' to get your Friday night fully pumped up!

Spare No Words
Stumbling out of the South Eastern Suburbs we are three guys who have bi-polar and love to bash their instruments. You will be enjoying the Grunge, Heavy Rock, Funky, Rap?? Sound, and then we'll bust out a Metal-core song on ya'll because we love that shit. Cheap beer is probably our biggest inspiration.

Boards, bongs and beers.
Playing in an unrelenting style, Dankenstein will hit you hard with Hardcore Punk and Ska vibes bringing in diverse inspiration to create a varied sound.

Her Majesty's Hangover
We are Her Majesty's Hangover and we're gonna turn your brain to shit. 
Four lads fusing noisy guitars and Victoria Bitter to create super catchy, full sounding Alternative Rock. 

Whoopie Cat
The music is bluesy and soulful with bursts of heavier rock n' roll and deep driving riffs accompanied by vocal harmonies. 
The lyrical content includes themes such as government corruption, drug abuse, money, mental health, perception, love, hate and spirituality.

The band live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and are currently recording an E.P to be released early 2016. Come along and get messy!!"