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Strawberry Fistcake, K-Mart Warriors, I am Duckeye, Shadow League, Keggin'

Australia’s favourite drunk punks Strawberry Fist Cake are heading to the USA & Canada in September, so they thought they'd throw a little going away party to celebrate.

In a last ditch effort before hopping the plane across the Pacific, the Fisters have put together an all-star line-up to raise some extra cash to spend on drugs, booze and hookers in the US.

"How can I help?", I hear you say, well, all you have to do to help, is drink booze at the Brunswick Hotel on August 20. Yep... help the drunk punks get drunk, by drinking. It's a win-win situation!

The All-star line-up includes, Strawberry Fist Cake (Duh!), west side punks K-Mart Warriors, dick punchers I Am Duckeye, crooning legends Shadow League and goon lovers Keggin'.

So get along to the Brunny and party with the Fisters, and help them stay alive on the the other side of the planet. Pre-drinks at 8pm and entry is free