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Glowbot Electric Dance Party!

The Brunswick Hotel and Smasher Present: Glowbot Electric Dance Party


On Friday the 29th of July come see whats left of the human race and the robot invaders as they battle for the rights to earth with their EDM/Industrial/Dance/Drum n Bass/Deep House music.
I for one welcome our new robot overlords with Snog, DevilMonkey, Battlesick, Sobriquet Nation and Atomic Cockroach with The Hype Mo Mann on our inside stage. Then Dj Dan Attard playing till 5am.
Meanwhile, on the outside stage, the resistance is battling the electronic invaders with their own music. Ulysses, The Duck,
Willywonky, Yelderbert and Max Mannix until 1am.

Drink specials for robot/futuristic/cyborg/apocolyptic costumes

Pew pew mother fuckers!!