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Planet of the 8s, Swamp Moth, Long Holiday, The Quarters

Welcome to our world.

It has a molten rock core with a surface that is equal parts desert, stone, ocean and dense green forest. The atmosphere consists of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and tetrahydrocannabinol, making it capable of supporting life as we know it there on Earth... albeit with a significant reduction in the number of fucks given.

So take a deep breath, put on some shades, and join us in the glare of the night as we launch to... Planet of the 8s.

Planet of the 8s is a three-piece rock outfit with a predilection for enormous grooves. Somewhere between stoner and desert rock - with inappropriate touches of dub and hardcore - this trio of Newcastle expats lays it out low and hard for those who like a little boogie on the roll side of their rock.

This show sees the band’s official public launch with their latest demos now up on Soundcloud. Supported by Swamp Moth, Long Holiday and The Quarters, punters are up for a spankin night of bombastic mayhem.