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The Monotremes, Quantum Milkshake, Ctrix


It's here. The Monotremes (Zappa-esque psychedelic mutligenre jazz-pop) are making their Melbourne debut with some of the radicallest, musicalest dudes in Melbourne.


Put on your clothes as a preliminary formality.

cTrix is a national treasure of chiptune. A genius in the art of console composition. He writes for and performs with older-generation video-game consoles and wins. His videos featuring himself playing tracks directly out of a customised Atari 2600 - converted into the world's only 'gAtari' (a guitar-shaped console) have received over 500k views on The Youtubes He is the funnest dude. Anybody who was ever younger than they are now, absolutely/must/required/has to come and see.

Quantum Milkshake is an epic musical elixir guaranteed to get you moving. From the eclectic brainchild of trumpeter Fabian Acuna, this concoction comes served on a base of Dance Music, adds some Disco, Rock and Electronic elements for good measure, before seasoning with a healthy dose of Jazz and Funk. The outcome: a band that truly transcends classification but could perhaps be best described as Cinematic Dance Music.

Melbourne-based The Monotremes are a Zappa-esque, shamelessly multigenre jazzpunk, industrial cartoon, psychedelic six-piece that waddle through the unexplored corridors of your mind. Unpredictable and immensely satisfying in their originality, equally nonsensical as their animal counterparts, The Monotremes combine groovy groove times, kaleidoscopic orchestration and sudden genre-shifts.

Sick vibe.