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Mansize Rooster, Easy Browns Truckstop Chicken Jam Band, Our Friend Jeffrey, Trucks

Who let the cocks out?  Who let the cocks out?  All your chickens come home to roost, Queen's Birthday weekend at the Brunny. June 11th to be exact. 

Easy Browns Truckstop Chicken Jam Band not only have the coolest name since Mansize Rooster, but they play tunes so groovin', you won't be able to stop doing the funky chicken all night long. Seriously, you'd sell your first born egg to see 'em.

Keeping with the theme, Trucks are laying down some first class punk, all the way from Ballarat (Home of the Giant Chicken, in case you were wondering).  Sounding like Violent Soho smashing an omlette in a Title Fight, these guys will have you crowing for more. 

Our Friend Jeffrey.  What can I say about Our Friend Jeffrey?  Well, not too much, coz they didn't give me any bio info but, luckily for you, I've seen these guys before and, when I tell you you don't want to miss 'em, I aint just flapping my wings boy.  They might look like One Direction but they play like early era Pavement crossed with good period Stooges, so you know you have to check that out.  

And finally, we have Mansize Rooster. You already know 'em, you already love 'em and if you don't know 'em and love 'em, then you'd best get ya cluckin' arse down to the Brunny on June the 11th and find out why you need these guys in your hen house.