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The Spitting Swallows (Album Launch), Fight the Sun, Mild Manic, Shewolf

Say hello to Chris, Wes, Jarrad and Daniel, the four young gentlemen that together make up The Spitting Swallows. 

From humble beginnings jamming in hay sheds and being paid in slabs of Victoria Bitter and cigarettes, to supporting the country’s best rock acts, they have undoubtedly earned their live performing stripes. They will be releasing their debut album ‘Double or Nothing’ at the Brunswick Hotel on the 2nd December.

‘Double or Nothing’ is the first feature length album from The Spitting Swallows and it balances their love of rock and punk across 12 new dynamic tracks. The album radiates the band’s strong ties to classic rock tailoring’s; from thick guitar riffs to pulsating bass lines, the album reiterates The Spitting Swallows passion for feel-good rock and roll shared with your best mates.

The anticipation of performing new tracks was boosted with an overwhelming positive response to their latest single ‘Caged’, that has just been released across all social media. In addition, the well-received single “Do Spiders Have Lungs?’ clip has offered an insider’s view on the shenanigans during the recording of ‘Double or Nothing” The lads hope it’s a sign of more good things to come. Together with special guests Shewolf, Mild Manic and Fight the Sun, the stage is set to be a massive night of rock n roll!