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Tom Stevenson & Friends, Tom Walker and the Sick Individuals, King Groaker, Dëfects, The Burbs

Tom Stevenson & Friends
Fresh back from vacay with some new bling on his left ring fing, its Tom Stevenson & Friends' only headline left for the year.

Tom Walker & The Sick Individuals
From Queenscliff Music Fest with Ben Harper to Mr Pelican's, things are only getting bigger and better for these sickos.

King Groaker
Melbourne rock funk blues funhouse providing jams you can loosen your tie to.

Energetic punk rockers with a just-picked-up-a-guitar-yesterday kinda sound.

THE BURBS the burbs
Say it once, say it twice, let it linger like a trapped fart in your boardies as you wonder if your friends noticed them inflate. First show in Melbourne they're bubbling to bring their tuneful airpockets to the surface.