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Chico Flash, Fritzwicky, Pegbucket, Creek

Everyone's favourite dubstep cello quintet 'CHICO FLASH' are launching their FIFTH (?!?) album at their most beloved venue and yours - The Brunswick Hotel. They're as excited as Big Kev was moments before his heart exploded, and have asked three of the best bands in town to help them celebrate:

'FRITZWICKY' are god cyborgs from the future, sent back to help us understand this thing humans call 'pleasure'.

'PEGBUCKET' were kicked out of the illuminati for being too powerful, and now use their superior intellect to rock you.

'CREEK' are masters of a new form of blood magic, and will summon a nine-foot-tall fire golem to make you dance.

It's on a Sunday night, but the marmot overlords have assured us there is some form of 'human public holiday' in place, so nobody has to go to work the next morning. It's also free, because we live in a blissful utopia where anyone can enjoy the sonic vibrations of a Chico Flash show no matter how much money they have.