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Billy NO!!! w/ Stockpiling Erotica & Riley Harrington

Billy, NO!!! has been incubating in their Coburg cocoon for a while now, doing the nearest thing that a three piece fuck-rock outfit can do to metamorphosing into a pretty butterfly. Now having chewed their way out and emerging, wings glistening, into the world, they want to share their newfound "beauty" with you, and have brought some amazing friends along for the night.

We’ll kick off the night with the awesome Riley Harrington. Every now and then something comes along that makes you go, "Golly, that was good!" - this could be it... but it might not be. Jakey’s tasty jams are better than any 5 star restaurant.

Following up we have Stockpiling Erotica.  With smooth yet crunchy jazz vocals over some funky prog rock beats, cosmic contemplation and supremely danceable tunes will ensue.

At last, we come to Billy, NO!!! who will treat you to a night of tunes so eclectically individual, they’re near unto impossible to categorize without invoking circular paradoxes. They’ll start out with some funky tunes to which the shaking of one’s booty is mandatory (if the booty can take it) and move onto material so epic you’d swear there were at least four of them.

-Free entry
-8pm start

Billy, NO!!! 10:00 - 10:40pm
Stockpiling Erotica 9:00 - 9:40pm
Riley Harrington 8:00 - 8:40pm