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Push Salon w/ Little Miss Remembering & Plymouth

When Tuesday comes, so do the three bands. They are like the three musketeers, but they are entire bands, and there are three of them. They play tunes while you sip on your trusty schoons on Tuesday ‘til about twilight time.

This Tuesday – ThreeBand© presents:
1.) 08:30 pm – Plymouth
Psychedelic pop/rock fresher than a farmer’s market – hallucinations are a normal side effect.

2.) 09:30 pm – Push Salon
A ménage a trois of sweet noise made possible by a guy with curly hair – plus 2 other guys. 
Basically – a piano with some unresolved grunges.

3.) 10:30 pm – Little Miss Remembering
Melbourne quartet snappier than all of your pants. Go on – we dare you to outsnap them. If you can keep your pants on.

That’s 3 bands. And it’s a Tuesday. Please tank yourself responsibly and come support local live music!