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Stumped (WA), K-mart Warriors, Blind Man Death Stare, Coffin Wolf, Agent 37, The Cruntburgers, Punch The Clown, No Ones Home, Liquor Snatch, Wot Rot, Dixon Cider, Ferocious Chode

Stumped from the South West Region of Western Australia are three untalented 'musicians' who like to get on stage have fun and get drunk while attempting to play songs. Although the music may leave a lot to be desired these boys continue to keep on doing their thing all in the name of having fun! If there is a crowd, and they happen to enjoy it well thats just a bonus really...but if you enjoy watching a train wreck or just jumping around like a frog in a sock then you are bound to be entertained by their shenanigans!

After getting some cash back on tax returns in 2015 the boys have decided to jump on a plane and head to MELBOURNE in NOVEMBER to play some shows and celebrate singer Luc-arse' 30th birthday!

Shows - 

Sunday 8th November - Brunswick Hotel Melbourne
w/ K-mart Warriors
Blind Man Death Stare
Coffin Wolf
Agent 37
The Cruntburgers
Punch The Clown
No Ones Home
Liquor Snatch
Wot Rot
Dixon Cider and
Ferocious Chode

Doors 4pm, FREE SHOW (Luc-arse' 30th)

So get on down to a show and have some fun and hopefully enjoy the show!