We know you love the friendly, laid-back vibe of the Brunswick Hotel, the fantastic new bands every night and the quirkiness of our exotic Balinese beer garden, complete with sun lounges and goldfish. That's why you keep coming back to enjoy our hospitality and cheap drinks! But have you ever wanted more from your favorite pub? Ever wanted to be the center of attention? To Scream from your reserved sun lounger "TONIGHT, THE BRUNNY, IS MINE" while every person on your Facebook account cheers in delirium. dream no longer, book YOUR night to remember today.

With everything your function need, be it a bucks or hens, birthday or Christmas, what's not to love? Enjoy our huge beer garden complete with outdoor stage, barbeque and beer taps! We've got discounts on allocated tabs and heck, we can even have a no minimum Spend!!

To get your plans in action call Frankie on Contact Frankie on 0433 413 114, or drop in and have a chat over an ice cold beer.